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The Nurturing Kids Kit brings you the JelliTime™ game

nurturing kids kitChildhood stress and its outcomes is causing increasing concern in our community. Stress can impact on the health and wellbeing of children, and reduce their spontaneity and playfulness, which should be part of every child’s experience.

JelliTime™ is a game specifically designed to help children aged between 3-8 years learn relaxation and self-regulation skills, which they can use at any time. Research has demonstrated that children using JelliTime™ regularly, have decreased hyperactivity and increased attention to tasks.

JelliTime™ is a fun and nurturing process, which provides a tool for adults to help children to regulate their own behaviour by playing, learning, laughing and relaxing together.

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For more information about the Nurturing Kids Kit, you can contact Janni on (08) 9277 7922 or email

Janni is available to provide workshops to facilitate the optimum use of the Kit, for Early Childhood professionals in education and care, parents and grandparents, and paediatric therapists.



JelliTime™ is possibly one of the most valuable programs I have encountered for children's social and emotional well-being

Asha Turner, Kindergarten Teacher

JelliTime™ is fantastic for calming down and relaxing them after play.

Sarah Ricci, Pre-Primary Teacher

Brings the children back down to ground level. They enjoy the challenges prior to the JelliTime™ and is some time out for everyone. It works better than I ever imagined it could.

Jenny Jones, Pre-Primary Teacher

Children enjoy quiet time. Very positive. Relaxed me too, knowing it would work.

Deb Cadee, Year 4 Teacher

A couple of weeks after practising JelliTime™ just before bedtime each evening, we found it a lot easier for my daughter to get to sleep. Six months on, she is sleeping very well, most often now without JelliTime™ .

Kim Livingstone, Parent


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