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Nurturing Kids Kit

Boost the wellbeing of your 3-8 year olds with JelliTime™, a game created by Janni Goss.  Play, learn, laugh and relax with the kids as they learn to be quiet and still, and gain relaxation and self-regulation skills. At last you can introduce the JelliTime™ game to the kids in your Early Childhood classroom, Child Care group or to your own kids. Use the Kit to promote concentration, attention to task and harmony through play, fun and laughter.

Included are Laughter games based on Laughter Yoga. Strategies for your own health and wellbeing are also incorporated, so you can outsmart stress and achieve a more balanced life.

Kit Contents

  • Comprehensive Manual including a Wellbeing 101 section for Adults
  • DVD demonstrating the JelliTime™ game and many of the playful activities
  • Cue Cards for easy reference and planning
  • Music CD to accompany the relaxation
  • Story Book ‘Lionel Lion Laughs at Last’ which shares the benefits of Laughter
  • All included in an A4 presentation folder

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